Jess & Josh

1 October 2017
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When Myrtle spotted a photo of Jess and Josh on Corinna and Dylan’s Instagram feed, we knew we had to track down the loving couple and discover the love story behind that captivating smile and those loving eyes.
Myrtle is in the business of weddings and let us warn you now, their story will draw you in, so pour yourself a cup of tea and settle in.
At the end of the feature you’ll find some very special words from the photographers themselves – Corinna and Dylan.

Let us introduce Jess…


… and her man Josh

This is their love story

Told by Jess.

Our story actually goes a little way back. But neither of us would have guessed how it would end up…

We first met when we were in grade 6. I had just moved to the area and went to a little school in Henty called St Pauls. Josh of course was also at school there, so this was where we first met. Funnily enough I ended up becoming best friends with Josh’s cousin so we saw each other around frequently.

Throughout high school we went to different schools but saw each other at church on Sundays. No sparks flew back then. Actually, we barely talked to each other…

I was super shy, and honestly was a little overwhelmed by his good looks, so I totally avoided him.

After high school

In 2015, after we had both graduated high school ended up doing the same diploma at a school that our church was running. We became very close friends. Mind you, up until half way through that year we wouldn’t have ever considered that we could become anything more than just friends.

I guess things started to shift between us towards the end of that year when we both went on a mission trip to Thailand together with a few of the other students from the school.

Two weeks after coming back from Thailand we were a little bit more than friends, and about six months later we were engaged. Our story was on fast forward for a little while I think… But it’s my favourite story!

How cute are those flower girls?

Planning the proposal

About six months after Josh and I started dating we planned a trip to visit my mum on the coast. I had absolutely no idea that Josh was carrying a ring in his pocket for the entire seven hour drive!

That night Josh planned for us to get up early the next morning to make it to the beach by sunrise. I was completely oblivious to be honest! Josh certainly isn’t a morning person so it should have been a total giveaway!

Will you marry me…

Josh packed a picnic breakfast for us to take and we drove to Bermigui just in time to watch the sunrise. Josh set up our GoPro on the boot of our car to “capture the sunrise”. Just as the sun was rising Josh got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was utterly perfect.

Now have a video of the whole proposal to show our kids one day. I wouldn’t change a single thing about that day. It was very romantic.

Country town of Culcairn

Culcairn is certainly home for us. Josh has lived here for most of his life, while I moved to Culcairn when I was 19. Culcairn has taught us a lot about ourselves! We both have a lot of family here, most of which we aren’t even technically related too. I guess you can find family in anyone. And we’ve found it in so many people here.

Growing up, I moved to a lot of places, however none have been like Culcairn. It seems like a small country town, but I think people have the biggest hearts here. We love that you can walk down the street and be greeted by every person you walk past. Its truly something special!

I manage the local bakery in town and Josh works on his uncle’s farm in the next town over, Henty.

The Ceremony

Josh and I got married on the outskirts of Culcairn, on a property called ‘Round Hill’. This property holds a very special place in our hearts. This is where we studied the year we became close friends.

It is owned by our Pastor, so it made sense for us to get married there. Our Pastor married us under the big elm trees in the middle of a paddock near a creek. It was simple, but oh so sweet. It was everything we could have hoped for.

The property

Every nook and cranny of the property is stunning, and so we got the majority of our wedding photos done here.

The reception

We had our reception in the gardens of Round Hill Homestead, in the next paddock over.

Josh and I love the history of our beautiful town. And these properties certainly carry with them a lot of Culcairn’s history.


Josh and I designed and made all of our decor for our wedding, so both properties were a perfect blank canvas for us to get creative.

Our wedding day was full of beautiful moments

Getting to spend time together in the morning with our friends was sweet. Our last few hours of being single was so full of laughter and happiness. There weren’t any nerves, just total excitement!!

We adored getting to spend time with our photographers Corinna and Dylan. It was seriously like hanging out with old friends. We had such a fun time with them. They did an utterly amazing job! And taking photos with our bridal party was a real highlight. Our friends are amazing, so it was so fun just getting to hang out with them in all of our craziness.

Cherished moments

It was a beautiful moment at our ceremony when we officially became husband and wife. It’s a moment that we will cherish for the rest or our days. And every day of being married since has been even more beautiful.

We fell more and more in love as we planned our wedding and the day of our wedding made us even more aware of how perfect our union is. We can’t imagine being more in love, but the next day will come, and it’s happened.

There wasn’t a single moment that didn’t feel perfect to us. If we got to do it again we wouldn’t change a single thing.

Josh and I planned our wedding with some of our family and closest friends. We designed and made all of our decor from our arbor, wedding invitations, seating signs, dessert menus, table arrangements etc. We loved getting to be creative together. It was such a fun process!

A word from the photographer – Corinna & Dylan

Small country towns and DIY weddings seem to go together like scones with jam and cream. From the moment we drove into the little town of Culcairn to document the wedding of Jess and Josh, we knew we were in for a super sweet treat.

We were touched by the overwhelming sense of love and community that’s just so rare these days in the big smoke, and it seemed that almost everyone had a role to play in helping bring the day together. The small town charm was inescapable – even the local bakery where Jess works closed early to allow everyone to attend the celebration!

Jess and Josh are two beautiful and gentle souls that truly belong together. They didn’t let the meaning behind the day escape them – not even for a second, and their energy and emotion completely shines through in the frames we captured.

Their incredible love and affection for each other is really something else, and they kept us on our toes when it came to documenting moment after moment of pure happiness. The looks, the feelings, the sheer adoration for each other – those things cannot be manufactured – that’s deep, raw connection.

We also really dig that Jess and Josh’s wedding proves you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a visually delightful and unforgettable day. So treat yourself to some wedding inspo that will seriously melt your heart.

Working with couples like Jess and Josh make us feel so blessed to do what we do for a living. It’s pretty special.

Our friends and family were the biggest part of putting our wedding together.